Public Records

Public Records Request – Floridas public records laws are very broad, and most documents and records are available to the public. However, the laws exempt specific personal information contained in a motor vehicle record from public disclosure requirements. A motor vehicle record includes driver licenses, titles, registrations and identification cards issued by the Department. The Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides information throughout its Web site, including online driver license and motor vehicle checks. Other reports such as driver histories, motor vehicle histories and crash reports can be ordered. The Department maintains the Florida driver license, motor vehicle and related databases, which are queried and updated in real time as citizens are issued licenses and registrations at the more than 400 locations throughout the state. These databases are generally available 24 hours each day for retrieval of driver and vehicle related data by law enforcement, businesses and interested parties except during brief outages scheduled for required system maintenance.

DHSMV Organization – Want to learn more about how our team is organized? Click here to view our organizational chart (pdf 15 kB) . Telecommuting Policy 5.17: Policy Application Agreement Extension Form Designated Positions Budget – How does DHSMV spend taxpayer money? The budget for the current fiscal year can be viewed here. Legislative Budget Request – To plan for the next fiscal year, each agency submits a proposed budget to the Florida State Legislature. State legislators use these requests to draft and approve a budget each year (in fact, it’s the only bill they are required by law to approve each session). Click here to view our legislative budget request for the next fiscal year. Legislative Priorities – Like our legislative budget request, we submit our legislative priorities to the Florida State Legislature. These priorities include new or proposed changes to Florida laws that we deem important to motorists in Florida and an improvement to the way we serve state government. To view our proposed legislative budget for the session click here. Public Records – Need to make a public records request? Florida’s Public Records Law is found at Chapter 119 Florida Statutes. It permits inspection or copying non-exempt public records. There is a per copy cost of 15 cents per page, unless provided otherwise by statute, and the extensive use of clerical or supervisory time (in excess of 30 minutes) may result in added labor costs. All costs must be paid in advance of providing copies, unless other satisfactory arrangements are made. Questions, comments, or complaints regarding the highway patrol, driver licenses, tags and titles, please refer to the Contact Us page for further assistance.

If you would like to request a public record, use the following list and keywords to locate the best contact.